Facebook, dont you just love it? I disapeared from the Essex music scene Christmas 2004 after doing a gig at the now long gone Robin Hood in Dagenham. That gig was Chas & Dave, what a way to end twelve years of gigs. I reckon at this point I had worked with over 5,000 bands and had defintaly done at least 3000 shows, apprentice served eh! Not bad as I only ever intended on putting on one gig. But to be honest, at that point, I never wanted to work with bands ever again or run a music venue. My two years promoting after the Navy were an absolute nightmare, I sank over 70k into The Soundhouse ( Twist) in Colchester and lost the lot and then went to run Ilfords Cauliflower which stood for everything I hated about live music...bloody cover bands.The home of live music in chelmsford

So after years in the wilderness I had put my promoter days to the back of my mind and never talked about it. I never even went to gigs! I also ended up over 280 miles away from Chelmsford. Noone in Blackpool knew about the real Sean Hudson, I had come to Blackpool to run a memorabilia shop. Six years later Im still here but recently something stirred within me and the bug to do something music wise was well upon me.

June 2011 saw me back in touch with a few of the bands from the Navy via Facebook, there was chat of how crap Chelmsford was and how important the Navy was to people. People wanted a reunion but I never thought it would work. I briefly spoke with Barhouse and some bands but I soon just dropped the idea and went back to my 9-5 existance.

In 2012 a young lady set up a Army & Navy reunion page on Facebook. At first I was put out, why had I not been invited but then found out it was just talk and nothing had been arranged. I was then invited to join but again dissed the idea of any live show. Who would come? The FB page and interest slowly grew. Then Jay Butler got in touch. Jay was an A&N stalwart, played on many big A&N headliners and we chatted. He reminded me of lots of things as had Jon Fawkes from the Filaments. As October 2012 sees ten years since the venues closure I suddenly got the urge to do something. Real Tv were legends in Chelmsford, they were part of the 'middle years' and played some cracking shows. Jay played in several other bands and put in a truly memorable show with one of his other bands Grand Theft Audio which was one of my personal faves. The Filaments had always been keen to play a reunion and recently Ian ' I had her over the bonnet, honest Guv' Cook said Thaed were itching to do just one last show. Sounded like a bill. So it was on, the line up seemed right.

So on the 26th October, the Marconi club ( the only place interested in helping keeping music live in Chelmsford after the demise of the Navy )sees three of Chelmsfords finest come together to celebrate those mad ten years. Also playing is Renny who was another A&N stalwart of a few sell outs with Ism and Matt Herbert who at the time played in Huxter ( and very kindly helped me move out of the A&N and was there when I handed the keys back to the brewery). Oh and me! Someone once said, how do you explain to someone who never went to the Navy what it was like and they came to the conclusion you couldnt, it was unique. But we all have our memories. Come and share them on the 26th and lets show that Chelmsford still rocks! - Sean Hudson June 2012 Blackpool

RealTV realtv

Filaments The Filaments

thead Thaed

Renny from Forever Never acoustic set Matt Herbert acoustic set

plus Special Guests & Appearances
Friday 26th Oct 2012